Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming entire industries. Title insurance is next.
Once in a lifetime, a technological seachange occurs that fundamentally changes an entire industry. Introducing REVvy.
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Are you ready for the technological step forward that will
That technology is here and it's called Revvy AI.
Revvy helps…
Title Agents
Clearing title on a transaction is a hugely time-consuming and human-intensive effort. Notoriously, title companies hire when transaction volumes increase and fire when volumes decrease. Creating ideal staffing levels is a major challenger and AI can help agents overcome these challenges and improve how you service your customers and partners.
Title Insurers
Issuing policies faster and more efficiently results in fewer claims and higher underwriting margins.

Exhaustive underwriting allows insurers to dive deeper and look more broadly into risk than what would otherwise be possible.
Realtors & Lenders
Most transactions are referrals from lender or realtor partners.  AI will literally transform how these important constituents can access property, valuation and encumbrance data during the buying and selling process and better serve THEIR customers.
Where are you spending your time?
A new take on pre-order busywork.
Revvy transforms pre-order activities into a seamless experience. It simplifies information & document requests, optimizes operations with tailored real estate and lender tools, and ensures smoother, more efficient transactions, setting a new standard in transaction management.
Optimized and automated
Revvy enhances order automation by leveraging AI to facilitate rapid document search, conduct smart examinations, generate near-instant preliminary reports, and so much more. Our features mitigate risk and improve both efficiency and accuracy in title processing.
Take post-order service levels to new heights
Revvy streamlines post-order client service with efficient Claims Management, clear Settlement Statements, and simplified Tax Form preparation, ensuring a smooth and compliant client experience.
Lets face it, "Docs" is a 4-letter word.
The world of real estate is literally built upon documents.   

Title insurance and real estate settlement are heavily reliant on document searching, document downloading, document categorizing, document processing, document interpreting, document examining, document creating, document redacting, document sharing, and document recording.  Whew, that’s a lot of “doc talk.”  And it’s not even a comprehensive list.

These functions take valuable time, have high associated costs, and make it difficult for settlement firms to staff operations appropriately based on actual transaction volumes.

While Large Language Models (LLMs) such ChatGPT, Google’s Bard and Meta’s LLama are gaining attention in a variety of applications and industries, they are unable to access title documents due to the siloed nature of the underlying data.  In fact, in the U.S. alone, there are 3,142 counties with each driving its own recording and document access policies.
Reclaim time for actual orders instead of busy work. Win more deals and focus on revenue-generating activities while elevating your service levels to crush your competition.
It’s like full, self-driving, but for title insurance.
Imagine a new technology that’s always on, working more broadly and deeply than what could possibly be justified economically on a typical transaction.
  • Knowing about the title record BEFORE quoting the policy.
  • Closing transactions in record time for less money
  • Improved risk mitigation and underwriting resulting in fewer problems and claims
Imagine Revvy.

What would you do with 40% more time?

" Allocating more time to customer development and networking would impact us greatly."
" Allocating more time to customer development and networking would impact us greatly."
" Allocating more time to customer development and networking would impact us greatly."
" Allocating more time to customer development and networking would impact us greatly."
Join our partners in the real estate revolution
We’ve done the hard part for you.
You just get to enjoy it.
Although AI sounds complicated, REVvy AI irons out the complexity and puts the power in your hand.
Revvy's revolutionary toolkit:
Revvy Fetch
Reduce the time to search, access, download and categorize important title and property documents.
Revvy Reports
Assemble property information into necessary reports faster and at less cost than what’s possible today.

REVvy AI can generate Preliminary Purchase Reports, Preliminary Listing Reports and, of course, Preliminary Title Reports (PRs), saving valuable time, money and dramatically improving service levels.
Revvy Examiner
Take the next step into intelligent and automated title examinations with REVvy Examiner, the world’s first intelligent closing automation system.

Expertly interpret documents, title chains, missing documents, fraudulent documents and more.  Improve service levels and drastically reduce costs.
With the power of Revvy AI, documents are collected, processed, categorized, and interpreted in a relative blink of an eye, cutting transaction time from weeks or months to minutes or hours. Further, Revvy’s collective intelligence reduces oversight and other issues victim to mind-numbing manual processing reducing risk and clearing the way to closure and policy issuance.
Satisfy information and document requests before ending the call.
With Revvy, realtors, sellers, and prospective purchasers can get what they need instantly with minimal effort from your team. It’s so fast that it’s almost unfair. What will you do with all the extra time?
Revvy enables:
Advanced property search
Automated title search for interested properties
Preliminary Purchase Reports (PPRs) for buyer prospects and their realtors
Preliminary Listing Reports (PLRs) for realtors and their listing appointments
Automated Abstracts of Title and Preliminary Title Reports (PRs)
AI-powered title examinations and 
commitment generation
Robust Customer and Prospect Relationship Management Tools (CRM)
Transaction Management Tools
Risk mitigation tools
3rd Party integration with TPS systems (Title iO)
"I was skeptical at first, but Revvy has proven to be a vital asset for our business. The biggest pain point for us was managing and resolving claims. Revvy's Claims Management feature is intuitive and efficient, making what was once a tedious process quick and manageable."
— Carlos S., Operations Lead, Title Services
"Our escrow firm faced significant challenges with document accuracy and compliance. Since adopting Revvy, we've seen a remarkable turnaround. The precision and speed of their automated title commitments have reduced errors and streamlined our workflow, enhancing our service quality significantly."
— Emily R., Escrow Firm Director
"As the manager of a bustling title company, we were constantly bogged down by paperwork and slow, manual processes. Revvy transformed our operations! Their AI-driven document handling drastically cut down our processing time, allowing us to handle more clients efficiently. It's a game-changer for us in the title industry."
— Jordan M., Title Company Manager
Don't take our word for it…
Title iO, the leading platform for real estate settlement automation, announces the integration of REVvy into the Title iO Platform. Read more… 
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